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All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced without prior written permission of the Publisher. The Publisher cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for errors in articles, letters or advertisements published. The opinions expressed on the pages of the journal may or may not be those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Publisher.

Contributors are warned that because of the nature of the journal any article, letter or advertisement submitted may be liable to premeditated or random spelling, typographic, lexic, syntactic, grammatic, semantic, pragmatic and other such alterations or mistakes which may completely subvert the original intentions of the author. It is for this reason that the names of contributors are withheld unless otherwise requested. Names and addresses are not validated.

The Wombat Keeper is an equal opportunities magazine. Everyone will be equally insulted, degraded and humiliated regardless of sex, age, stature, disability, status (wealth, marital etc.), race (ethnic, national origins etc.), faiths or beliefs or orientation (religious, political, trade union, sexual etc.). This also extends to wombat worriers, goat fanciers, glue sniffers, drunks, bad spellers and even to those who consider themselves to be normal and mature with good morals and of superior intellect.

The publisher can take no responsibility whatsoever for causing distress or corrupting the minds of those who for any reason read or are otherwise cognizant of the Wombat Keeper or its contents and misconstrue its intentions otherwise than simple puerile levity.

The publisher can take no responsibility whatsoever for the illicit reproduction of this magazine in whole or in part.

The Wombat Keeper is always seeking poor quality articles and letters for publication. No payment is made for articles or letters submitted. Advertisements cost £0.50 per word. A leaflet, Notes for Guidance for Contributors is available on receipt of an A2 (or larger) SAE. We prefer material to be submitted in a machine readable form but will accept little grubby pieces of paper if you must!

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